We plan your day for you

So you can focus on getting stuff done


“Quantime has not only opened my eyes to how inefficient I’ve been with my time, but also shown me how to better prioritize my day.”

- Management Consulting Associate

“The best thing to happen to the workplace since Slack.”

- Serial Entrepreneur and CEO

“It’s changed the way I manage my time. With Quantime, I stay focused, much more than before. I feel like I have my own personal assistant helping me stay on task!”

- Startup Product Manager


how it works


Aggregates tasks from wherever they exist

Quantime lets you quickly add to your to-do list from any digital device and intelligently detects tasks within emails, IMs, project management apps, and even notes

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Recommends and reserves time on your calendar

Quantime predicts how long each task may take you to complete. It also integrates with your calendar to discover and reserve optimal time blocks for each task

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Checks in on tasks and reschedules as needed

Quantime reviews progress on to-dos with you to ensure tasks get completed on time. It also rearranges your schedule to find new suggested times for any remaining tasks



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Business Development

Mark your calendars with to-dos to stay on top of deadlines so you never miss a request from your customers or a target from your manager

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Block off space on your calendar to get heads down coding time on Jira tickets so you’re not interrupted by ad hoc requests while trying to focus

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Project Management

Prioritize and organize all that you have to get done between competing demands for your time from multiple stakeholders


built for teams


Schedule optimization

Quantime looks through your entire team’s schedule to understand bottlenecks and task dependencies so workflows move along seamlessly

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Task requests

Managers and even teammates can send ‘event invites’ directly within Quantime as suggested work with details and time

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Project progress reports

Team mates can notify others of task updates by tagging them within a block and even check on overall project progress