the founders

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Suchit Tuli

Suchit enjoys solving complex universal problems facing individuals, businesses and societies using strategic insight and innovative solutions. He can usually be found next to a whiteboard or his computer, attempting to breakdown issues and convert them into illustrative diagrams.

Prior to Quantime, Suchit worked to improve the healthcare industry through various engagements at digital health startups, including RubiconMD, as well as philanthropic efforts with global health organizations, such as MEDLIFE and Project HOPE. He started his career doing internal strategy work for the Advisory Board Company (now part of UnitedHealthGroup) and JPMorgan Chase. He studied Finance and Biology at the University of Delaware Honors Program and is currently completing his MBA at Columbia University.

Any given moment, Suchit enjoys eating copious amounts of dessert among other delicious treats. He spends all his spare (and non-spare) time with his four-legged child Eva.

Favorite Time of Day: Late nights working on anything Quantime

Most Embarrassing Distraction: Playing the Late Show with Stephen Colbert in the background as I work

If I Had an Extra Hour, I Would: Travel with my mom

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Burke Livingston

Burke is passionate about building technology that empowers people to make positive change in their lives and the lives of those around them. Working primarily on the front end, he strives to create immersive and intuitive experiences for users.

Before Quantime, Burke led efforts to modernize and simplify the front end at financial services startup Blueprint Income and health-tech startup RubiconMD. He also worked at computer-aided-design firms Onshape & Autodesk. He studied Computer Science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, but left the university after his junior year.

In his free time, Burke leads several open source software projects, with an emphasis on political activism and transparency. He also plays several instruments and produces electronic music.

Favorite Time of Day: Coding at 2am

Worst Distraction: Watching eSports on Twitch

If I Had an Extra Hour, I Would: Work on producing music / playing instruments



the advisory board


William O’Farrell

Bill has been starting and running tech companies for longer than he'd like to admit. He was most recently co-founder and CEO of Body Labs, a computer vision and AI company focused on providing the human body as a digital platform for a broad range of markets; Amazon purchased Body Labs in September 2017. Bill was also co-founder and CEO of such companies as SpeechWorks (acquired by Nuance), (acquired by Netsuite) and business behind the After Effects product line (acquired by Adobe).

Bill has been involved as a founder, CEO, advisor, consultant and bottle washer at numerous companies in the software, clean-tech, biotech and consumer sectors. He also owned and ran a small organic beef farm.

When not CEO'ing, he surfs enthusiastically albeit poorly, dances on any dance floor available, frequently injures himself playing a sport he should have stopped playing years ago, and laments that he's read every good historical novel out there.

Jean Sini

Jean is an entrepreneur and investor, who was most recently the CTO at Cadre, a real estate crowdfunding platform. Prior to this, he co-founded Fountain (acquired by Porch) along with Mint founder Aaron Patzer and Activeweave (acquired by TwelveFold Media). He has also served as the CTO for One Kings Lane and BuzzLogic as well as the VP of Data Aggregation at Mint (acquired by Intuit).

Jean’s technical interests are primarily centered on the architecture and development of distributed computing infrastructures and products. In addition, he is an active investor in and advisor to several early stage startups, including Boxbee, Canva, Treasure Data and FieldWire. He is also currently part of First Round Capital’s Fall 2018 Angel Track cohort.

When he’s not busy with work, Jean can be found kite-boarding or snow-boarding, depending on the season.

Malia Mason

Malia is a researcher and professor at Columbia Business School as part of the Management department. Prior to this, she was a Post-Doctoral Fellow for Cognitive Neuroscience at Harvard Medical School as well as a technology consultant at CSC (now DXC Tech). Malia received her Ph.D. in Psychology from Dartmouth College.

Malia’s research interests include how people regulate their attention and its implications for work performance. In addition, she has studied negotiations, social judgment and decision making. Her research findings have been published in top journals across varied subjects: Harvard Business Review, Science, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, etc. They have also been featured in media outlets such as CNN, WSJ, Forbes, NPR and the Atlantic.

Matt Wallaert

Matt is a behavioral scientist and entrepreneur working at the intersection of technology and human behavior, designing products and programs that help people live happier, healthier lives. After leaving academia to build and sell two successful startups, he became Microsoft’s first behavioral scientist and a director at Microsoft Ventures. He is now the industry’s first Chief Behavioral Officer at Clover Health. 

A frequent speaker on the science of behavior change and product design, his first book is due out in Fall 2018. Wallaert sits on the board of a variety of startups and non-profits, prioritizes underrepresented founders and audiences, and continues to build side products like, which has helped underpaid women ask for and earn over $2.3B in salary increases.

Currently located in New York City (and a dedicated Harlem advocate), Matt prefers cowboy boots to dress shoes and Legos to blank paper.