Support Your Employees

Deploying Quantime is like giving each of your employees an (automated) executive assistant. It'll help organize their days and prioritize tasks better, so they can focus on work better. And it'll do wonders for your employee engagement and talent retention.



Invest in the Right Tech Stack

Quantime unlocks firmwide utilization information on all the technologies you pay for, so you can make critical business decisions around eliminating underutilized products, blocking distracting apps, and investing in productivity drivers.



Make Smart Project Decisions

Quantime gives you a better sense of how long projects will actually take based on historic project data, so you can predict timelines and capacity utilization better.

And we'll actually support your employees in breaking down long-term, intangible sprints into manageable, quantifiable tasks so they keep on track and actually get it all done as expected.



Share Productivity Best Practices

Productivity is subjective. Quantime uses machine learning to fathom the je ne sais quoi about habits of productive employees from your own organization (and similar ones), so that you can spread relevant, context-based behaviors that will boost productivity within the entire organization.