Who It's For


Working Professionals

Your inbox is full of spam, you're currently sitting in a meeting you shouldn't be in, and your to-do list is neverending.

Whether you're at a bootstrapping startup or a Fortune 500 corporation, Quantime can help you prioritize projects and tasks, improve interaction with coworkers and clients, and better your productivity and work/life balance. 

You want to work smarter, not harder.

Undergraduate & Graduate Students

You have an exam tomorrow, a job interview today, and it's been a while since you got more than 5 hours of sleep.

Whether you're a college freshman or a fifth year PhD, Quantime can help you understand exactly how you divide up your disaggregated life.

You've invested in your education, now invest in yourself.



You and Me

You're addicted to Facebook, your phone is blowing up every few seconds, and you're eating all your meals at work. 

No matter who you are, Quantime can help you understand how you divide up your 24/7 and equip you with tools to take back control of your time.

You deserve to do exactly what you want.